Holiday Musings

The holidays are always a particularly busy time for me, between work and hosting the family gathering (both of which can only be described as inevitable).  I’m glad I got through the last of Skaven miniatures before then.  Those skaven were actually some of the odd miniatures that were part of the large lot my wargaming club liquidated a while back.  Having sold most of the really valuable pieces, I was left with the odd bits to do as I please.  So I have sprues of skaven and skellies and Mordheim mercenaries kicking around the worktable right now.

So while my worktable is covered in wrapping paper and gaming sessions get bumped by family dinners, here’s where my hobby brain is, at least.

I sometimes talk about the three-point-switch of hobbies with me: terrain, miniatures, roleplaying games and how I really only seem to work on one of those things at a time.  Right now the switch is set on “miniatures.”

It’s my turn to put together the next Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaign for my gaming group.  Last campaign was sparsely attended, but we seem to have a few more people coming back into the fold.  I’ve been looking at the “1999 point” campaign rules that the RTT did last year.  1999 points means you get a regular-sized army but without the Lord and Special options you would have at 2000.  That means more basic troop types, which always appeals to me.

My D&D campaign has grinded to a halt, which always happens around the holidays.  Hopefully it’ll get back up to speed in January.  I still peck away at my One Page Dungeon, although not having a group to run it is not inspiring.

As I said earlier, my hobby switch is currently set on miniatures.  I’m lacking the space for building terrain right now, and I’ve got a pretty good reason not to.  I haven’t talked about it much here (for several reasons) but there’s at least a chance that I could be moving in the next year or so.  My place of employment is under a financial crunch (like so many other places) and I have to realistically be looking for work elsewhere.  As usual my timing stinks; I didn’t move when it was easy to sell a house, and now I’m thinking of moving when it is hard to.  But that’s the way it goes.  As a result, I don’t really feel like adding to my terrain lot because most of that stuff probably won’t come with me in the move: it’s large and heavy and fragile and frankly easy to replicate.

Instead I’m pulling out old miniatures or stuff that is left over from the lot my gaming group liquidated, like the Skaven, and painting them instead.  The writer of the “Pokeminis” blog on the blogroll is from the DakkaDakka boards and his goal has been to paint all the miniatures he owns.  I don’t know if that is realistic for me, since I mostly paint in 60-90 minute batches every evening or so, but I think I’ve found a painting style that works for me and allows me to make decent headway without getting discouraged.  In addition I’m doing that “frugal” thing (and after Dave dropped “a Year of Frugal  Gaming” someone has to take up that standard).

So I think for now you’re going to see more painting miniatures, mostly me bopping around from project to project, and the occasional After Action Report for Warhammer in 2010.

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