Maybe it is for the best

One thing I do is tend to surf blogs that are in line with my “hobby switch.”  For example, when in RPG mode I’ll kick around RPGforum or Dragonsfoot.

Right now, I’m in miniatures mode.  So I’m looking around at mini-related blogs like Dave “I’m not the guy you went to college with” Taylor miniatures, or Plastic Legions.  The only problem?  I can’t get my daily blog fix.  While some people can crank out a daily dose of RPG meanderings, expostulations or even three paragraphs on why Fourth Edition D&D may have ruined my childhood memories more than The Phantom Menace, there are darn few people who can paint inspiring miniatures every day.  No, I have to wait three, four, maybe even fifteen days to get updates from some people.

So get to work, talented miniature-painting bloggers!  You can type with one hand while applying a thirteenth layer of flow-enhanced Vallejo paint to the abs of a 25mm miniature at the same time!  Otherwise I may end up doing things like working or housecleaning.

And nobody wants to see that happen.

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