287 Skeleton Warriors

On the first day of Christmas, I finished speed painting…

Skeleton Warriors
Skeleton Warriors

Four Skeleton Warriors!

Oh, I’m a lazy, lazy painter this holiday season.  These guys were just primed white, had their armor, spears, bases and shields painted, and then dipped in wood varnish.

I’ve also started numbering my posts, a practice  I’ve seen on some other blogs when the possibility of redundant titles (such as when I paint more Skeleton Warriors) occurs.


  1. Thanks. I was shooting for that. I wanted a unit that looked like it had just been summoned by magic, rather than part of some standing undead army. I think it is silly to imagine some skeletal quartermaster going, “Okay, lads! Don’t forget to pick up yer skull-embossed shields and the banner with the giant bat on it! Step lively now!”

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