296 Beastman Gor Musician

When I first thought about dipping miniatures in wood varnish, I went looking for Minwax Polyshades Tudor Satin, which is what all the online nabobs were suggesting.  Well, it isn’t being carried at Home Depot any more, but I picked up a can of Minwax Polyshades Bamboo Mahoghany.  My first mini went well, but the second one was terrible.  The stuff just seemed to be glopped onto it.  So I went with an old can of Olympic Special Pecan I had kicking around the garage for years.  That’s what I’ve been using up to this date.

But I think the old can is thicker than it ought to be so I decided to give the Bamboo Mahoghany another shake.  Here’s the result.

Beastmen Gor musician
Beastmen Gor musician

I’d say it was a success.  I’m hoping the one gloppy mini was a fluke.

I am, however, getting into some bad habits again.  At the beginning of the year I told myself I’d only paint one “group” and then move on.  My pattern became “paint four like minis, then paint one odd one” which seemed to work well.  But I started thinking ahead and assembling and priming others.  For example, I have four primed and partially painted Bretonnian archers on the worktable right now.  Why?  Because I wanted to.  But I should have finished the beastman first, and then moved on, because now I don’t want to paint Bretonnians, I want to finish the skellie unit.  So from here on I’m going to see each “set” done to completion before I even cut another mini out of the sprue.

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