298 The 2009 Warhammer Campaign final battle report

After about eight months of regular campaigning in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, it all came down to the battle for the Lost City.  There were a lot of special rules and details about the scenario, but it basically boiled down to one single siege battles.

Attackers: 2500 pts. of Vampire Counts with Mannfred von Carstein (me) and 2500 pts. of Skaven with Grey Seer Thanquol (Chris)

Defenders: 2000 pts. of Bretonnians with the Green Knight (my arch rival Vince) and 2000 pts. of Lizardmen (Tom)

We played on a 5′ by 14′ table with a castle wall running the length of the table.  Deployment wise, we paired off: VC vs. Lizardmen on one end and Skaven vs. Brets on the other.  I don’t know about the others but basically I fielded three units of skellies, one unit of crypt guard, two units of fell bats, a unit of ghouls, a unit of DoW halfing archers and a varghulf.  For heroes I had von Carstein, a wight lord, and a vampire standard bearer.

Vince surveys the fortifications

The defenders had the tactic of putting skinks and peasant bowmen on the walls, and then knights and saurus warriors behind the walls to repel attackers after the missile units have thinned them out.

On the Skaven side things went very badly.  The Green Knight and several knight units went outside the walls and killed Thanquol and scattered many of the units.  There were also a lot of misfire problems with the Skaven weaponry.  By the time the Skaven got through the walls, the knights made easy work of them.

On my end every major infantry unit of mine made it over of through the walls to the other side and put paid to the Lizardmen.  Mannfred lived up to his title as Master of the Undead by continually moving and reinforcing units as they were picked off by skinks or falling to Saurus Warriors.  Despite my strong victory, there wasn’t enough zones under my sole control and my side lost by a very narrow margin.  In the last turn there were several “this is the game” die rolls and enough of them went their way to make the difference, including an improbably halfling/skink melee combat.

Tom desperately looks to Vince for advice as undead swarm the walls

This was one campaign where I was always in the #2 spot behind my arch rival Vince and despite my best effort at the end I ended up in second place for the final.  Now we move into the 2010 campaign, which is my responsibility to put together.  I’ve been considering less of a “narrative” campaign and just going a flat “win-loss” tournament instead.

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