My OSR shopping spree

Goodman Games had a big holiday sale on hardcover copies of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and I went ahead and snagged that one. 

In and of itself that would not have been a big deal, but I also had my Kickstarter from Goblinoid Games for Advanced Labyrinth Lord also bear fruit, and ended up with three hardcover copies of  that game: one with the “Orcus” cover by Joshua Stewart, and two with the “classic red” cover by Steve Zieser.

Now I will admit that some of this was motivated by the collector in me.  Another factor is my sentimental love for old-school gaming and my affection for low fantasy that focuses more on resource management and dying easily than the high-fantasy superheroes that tend to be the norm in this day and age.  The third, is of course, the allure of a sale.

I’ve considered often running an OSR clone game, although I think if I did I would use Blood and Treasure, which has just enough new-school common sense polish on it.  For now, though, I’ll peruse these like they are cookbooks and I’m looking for recipe tips like I always do.

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