The Fat Dragon Games Dungeon

One of the first major projects for my Ender 3 is doing a modular dungeon using the blueprints from Fat Dragon Games. This will be one of those slow, steady projects that will take a lot of work to get going, but hopefully will look great when it is done. So far, I’ve done the following:

If you look closely, the piece in the lower left has a bit of cross-hatching on the surface, which disappeared when I had the piece re-sliced on Cura. For those who haven’t done these, doing a “brim” made a huge difference in how level the pieces turned out.

My plan is to organize the work into batches of thirty pieces or so, not printed all at once but one at a time. Getting thirty pieces a month would be good, in less time would be better. But this is, as I mentioned, slow work.

Comments welcome!

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