Sci-fi barracks and Kolony buildings

Arctic weather continues to blast the Midwestern United States, so I’m still waiting to be able to do some priming on pieces I’ve been 3D printing. While I wait, I browsed Thingiverse and found these two gems of sci-fi wargaming terrain.

This one is by Terrain4print and is titled “Sci-fi barracks.” It has three main pieces and a bunch of optional widgets you can glue onto the outside like hatches, pipes, and gothic iconography (for you Warhammer 40K enthusiasts).

This “Kolony starter” is a free sample of Rocketshipgames’ Kolony line of sci-fi terrain and vehicles. The simple, modular design makes for a lot of versatility and doesn’t take nearly as long to print as some comparable pieces. The starter set has two kinds of buildings (with and without floors and a cutaway wall), two catwalks, and a small bit of scatter terrain, the “power module.” There are a couple of other Kolony pieces on Thingiverse including a futuristic van. The full packages, available on Drivethrurpg, are a complete steal.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some finished, painted work soon.

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