February is Fat Dragon Games month!

After creating over 70 pieces for my 3D printed modular dungeon in January, I got the idea to go even bigger in February. Now that I’m a lot more proficient in the use of the printer, I think I can be more productive, especially if I don’t get distracted by a bunch of side projects. So what is my goal?

To create enough pieces to cover of a 30″ by 30″ square.

That would be enough to cover a decent amount of a standard gaming table, and make for a good “level” of a dungeon. Now 900 square inches divided by 4 square inches (the basic size of a dungeon tile from Fat Dragon Games) means I need around 250 tiles. That’s a lot, but I think I can do it, especially with a plan.

So the plan: each day in February I will print at least two sessions. One will be my “overnight” print which is two wall tiles and four floor tiles (the floor tiles will be printed vertically to save space). With my plan I would only need to print the overnight 15 times. The other print session varies, getting me the right pieces to make up the rest of it. Each of those will generally have two tiles on it. If I can print one of the second sessions almost every day in February, I should reach my goal.

Each Friday I will update my progress, both in terms of what has been printed, and what has been painted. There’s more to this plan, so stay tuned!

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