FDG Goblins

I miss Mordheim a lot, and one substitute I have found is Osprey Games’ Kobolds & Cobblestones, which feature small, multi-racial gangs fighting each other across the city of Ordinsport. One thing I don’t like about the game is the use of special characters as mandatory gang leaders, but I can try to see past that as my son and I take the game out for a spin.
He’s chosen “The Body Snatcher,” an evil necromancer as his gang leader, so right now I’m painting up his gang, starting with these two goblins, both printed out on my 3D printer using Fat Dragon Games’ patterns.

More to come!


    • Long term, I want to get back to playing Mordheim, because some of the K&C rules seem funky to me. Getting one game in is on my bucket list for the summer.

  1. I’ve got about 12 of these little guys ready to paint. They seem to hold paint very well. You’ve done a very nice job on them.

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