Doc’s broken row house 1

I think there is a spectrum when it comes to wargaming terrain, with one end being “playability” and the other end “detail.” Overly detailed buildings look great, but are not often easy to move figures around, etc. (Printable Scenery tends to fall sometimes into this category. Dennis “Doc” Montera did a recent Kickstarter of “Printable Buildings for Tabletop Gaming, Take 2” which feature buildings on the other end of the spectrum: light on detail, but heavy on playability. I have to say, I don’t really mind: the first of the buildings I made printed quickly and easily, looks good, and is clearly designed for wargaming. Doc himself is a huge fan of Mordheim, so these particularly caught my attention.

This first one is a row house, one of three included in my set. There’s also three shops, two duplexes, a barracks, and a large L-shaped building. In addition, there’s a slew of scatter terrain appropriate for the wrecked fantasy city. This will be a fun and easy set to put together, and might move towards the top of my list of things to print.

One comment

  1. I purchased that same set but haven”t had a chance to print any of it yet (I’m knee-deep in Skyless Realms printing right now). How long did it take you to print that row house?

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