The Fire Dragon’s Forge

I decided to give myself a break from The Dungeon of the Mad Mage and instead run a fairly straightforward one-session adventure for my “home” D&D campaign.

It wasn’t a complicated plot: rescuing an NPC they met ages ago from his kidnapper, a fire giant. There’s was a small modicum of roleplaying, some investigation, and the chance to battle a big (literally) boss monster. They really haven’t squared off against a big solo beast: the high-CR encounters have been against trolls or drow.

It also was the last time I’ll be running this campaign, at least for a little while. Running two campaigns is a lot, and I’ve been doing this one for almost a year, with the last several months being the somewhat tedious, random DotMM. One of my other players has been very interested in running a Lord of the Rings RPG campaign, and I more than happy to sit on the other side of the screen for a while.

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