A Sample Five-shot Revolver Game

A few days ago I suggested the idea of linking five one-shot adventures to a common plot element as the structure of a roleplaying game mini-campaign. To flesh out this concept, here’s a sample five-shot (plus one) micro-campaign. Specifically, this would be for a D&D party of third level PC’s.

I should say that each one-shot features a villain, because I think one-shots are easier to understand when you have a specific goal, and that villains make for good stories, even short ones.

Overarching concept: a BBEG, in this case a medusa, is dominating a valley of human settlements for the purposes of providing a steady diet of slaves/tasty meals/things to turn into stone.

Adventure one: an ettin and his coterie of orcs are raiding farming settlements in the southern edge of the valley, driving people northward as they flee for their lives. The adventure focuses on rooting out the ettin from his cavern lair.

The two-headed ettin

Adventure two: a minotaur and his warband are snatching travelers (including refugees from the first adventure) and enslaving them. The PC’s stumble across the slave caravan as they camp out at a makeshift waystation in the ruins of an old outpost.

Adventure three: Near one of the larger communities in the valley a burial site has been uncovered. Inside is a mummy, the former lover of the medusa now laid lovingly to “rest.”

Adventure four: The current lover of the medusa, an incubus, is seducing the women of another large city in the valley. This roleplaying-heavy adventure has the PC’s tracking down the lothario before he kills again.

Adventure five: A lamia is serving as the chief lieutenant of the medusa, especially managing the influx of slaves from the minotaur in Adventure two. In addition to skimming the odd slave from the medusa, the lamia may be looking to become the new chief power in the valley.

The “bonus” adventure could be when the PC’s piece together various clues from hints (or flat out being told by NPC villains) about who is actually orchestrating all the valley’s woes, setting the stage for a big show-down with the BBEG medusa. The PC’s can also meet reoccurring friendly NPC’s like local sheriffs, priests, sages, etc. to help connect the sessions together.

All that remains now is for me to map all this out, and I’m good for the next several months of gaming sessions.

As always, comments welcome!

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