New campaigns, new society

So I decided to start a new gaming group, with a vastly different style of gameplay and several novice players, just in time to have society completely shut down with it comes to getting together with people.

I call the campaign “The Ebonwilds,” and it is a “Western Marches” style affair with large wilderness areas, hexagonal mapping, and that capacity for large, inconsistent gaming groups. I wrote up a ten-page handout for the players detailing house rules. I have maps, both of me and for the players. I am firing on all cylinders.

And now this. My job shuttered normal operations for eight weeks in accordance with a mandate from the governor, and now we are re-visioning all aspects of our work. I’m probably working more on logistics now than I normally do, getting phone calls, emails, and texts all hours of the day and night.

Which means that I haven’t had the chance to consider the long-term implications of trying to do tabletop roleplaying games. I’m particularly concerned about my family’s safety because I have a child who is part of the at-risk population. At some point when I draw a breath I will think about video-conferencing or whatnot.

In the meantime, I can at least share the player’s map, which I drew myself.

In the meantime, my kids and I are getting into some small wargaming stuff, including assembling some miniatures we have had lying around for some time, including Warcry. So the focus of the blog may be shifting for a bit, but I hope to keep things going here.

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