Chenault Mk 2 for World War Tesla

Rather than finish up the absolute last miniature for my Death Guard starter army, I’ve been distracting myself by printing and painting up these small-scale tanks for World War Tesla. The likely reason is that they are fun, easy to paint, and I could actually see myself using them sometime in the near future by playing against my son while we are stuck together at home.

Anyways, these are two Chenault Mk. II’s from the Baltic League, which is Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Russia (opposed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the United States, and France, which make up the Trieste Coalition). From an American perspective it is a interesting division of countries that we are historically sympathetic to (e.g. Great Britain) and ones that we generally are not (Germany, Russia).

From my previous post, I decided to just count the Bloat Drone as one point. It’ll get too confusing otherwise, especially as I start dabbling in different scales.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

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