The Starlet Strikes!

So with the recent release of Union City Heroes, the publishers decided to release a free-ish (one cent) adventure featuring the movie-themed villainess Startlet.

The adventure is silly and corny and chock-full of homage elements to both Hollywood, movie monsters, and 70’s-era live action superhero TV shows. There are four encounters, but it is really, really easy to jump from the first encounter to the last, which my players did. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I ran the adventure for my kids, who played a vampire anti-hero named Vexstar and a water-wielding pseudo-Atlantean named Siren. Mostly this whole thing was to learn the rules by playing and figure out what elements we were really struggling with. In this case, the Hero Point economy seemed to be the most difficult to grasp, especially when it is used to bring other heroes “into the same panel.” As I said, we got through actually the first and second encounter, mostly by my being a little heavy-handed about their need to check in with the “anchors” (important NPC’s mentors/friends/family members) which gave Starlet time to do her second act of villainy in Encounter Two. At that point they knew exactly who Starlet was and bee-lined it to her villainous lair.

After it was over the kids said they enjoyed the game. (Although my daughter, who has read the rules in detail, continues to complain about editing errors, etc. and poor explanations of certain rules.) It was nice to get a sense of scale for the game, and I did appreciate how each of the major opponents were adjustable by the number of heroes involved.

Is this my next “family RPG” to use during the quarantine? Maybe. I’d like to get a few more sessions under my belt before settling in.

Comments always welcome!

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