The first four volunteers

These are “Raumjagers” from Wargames Atlantic. I’ll be using them to be the voluntary sci-fi troopers aboard the Falcata, the rescue ship headed to Helos to try to evacuate as many of the 7000 survivors from that alien-infested world before it is destroyed.

In the game Operation Last Train, you create stats for the 100 volunteer troopers: what kind of infantry they are and what their equipment load is. The idea is that this creates a sort of budget for how many figures you can deploy over the course of the campaign until you either run out or rescue 7000 hostages. Now theoretically you could recycle miniatures to represent these soldiers, or paint 100 miniatures.

That would be crazy, right?


  1. Sounds like a cool setup for a short campaign. I hadn’t heard of operation last train but now i’m going to be looking into it. You could easily do a mission as representative of a number of other missions and just multiply the results….

    The Raumjaeger are fairly neat sculpts at a decent price point….I’m tempted but have had to swear off adding to the massive pile of unassembled AND unpainted figs. 100 figs would be overkill, but there is a certain element of awesome ness to line up all 100 for a picture, and then each mission show them getting smaller/knocking over the dead ones.

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