The “Level Up” table accessory

With each new tentacle phone holder shown on Facebook, I get more requests for them. As a result, I’ve painted three more and have two on the painting table now. (I’ll include the photo later in the post, so I don’t have tentacles on three preview pics in a row.) But in the midst of all of this, I was surprised when a large box that was not from Amazon showed up at the house with my name on it.

Inside was a product I had Kickstarted almost a year ago in February 2020, before the pandemic really set in. Intended to be delivered by September 2020, production issues cause huge delays, but here it was.

Small bit of foreshadowing in the upper right corner.

A collapsible, portable, table-on-top-of-a-table intended to give your gaming locale just a little more space and perhaps protect your miniatures, gaming terrain, or board games from accidents caused by spilled sodas and the like.

Now given the fact that the likelihood that my gaming group will gather around a table in person for the next six months to a year is very, very slim, getting this product felt more than a little ironic to me. Or perhaps a small hint of the future, and things to come.

As someone who has been spending the quarantine toiling away on objects for the gaming table in anticipation of future use, I did have a thought of assembling a mock gaming table, complete with dungeon tiles, dice, snacks, etc. and sharing a photo as a way to anticipate the future. Sort of a “show us what you got” kind of move that others could emulate. We’ll see…

Promised photo of more tentacles.

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