The Great White Wall

So aside from getting that small unit of Blood Ravens painted up, I have admittedly done very, very little in terms of hobby activities the last month or so. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case, aside from the ever-present elements of work and family life. First, I took a small retreat to get away from the aforementioned work and family and do some reflecting on my life. Second, I decided that the current state of affairs in regards to several projects needed to be resolved. For a while now, I have had about three things that I am supposed to be doing all unfinished, and in typical fashion I’ve been bouncing around from one to another to yet other, totally unrelated things (like the Blood Ravens).

Specifically, the first project is painting the rec room of the house, which doubles as both television room and home office. Previously, the room had been colored a dark, almost arterial crimson. Instead, we decided to repaint it a brighter, more neutral off-white. It only has a hint of color to it, and the new color opens up the room significantly. However, this project has dragged on as I keep getting sidelined by one thing after another. Presently there is just one wall left to be completed, and then it will be done. That’s the first goal.

Second, right next to said wall are supposed to be some built-in bookshelves. For weeks (months?) the books that were on the older shelves I tore down have been piled up in giant heaps on my gaming table in the basement. So after the wall is done, I need to cut, stain, and assemble those shelves. Then I can move the books and get my gaming table back.

Finally, I did promise my wife that I would make for her some stands for holding five-gallon buckets to use for gardening. Not a difficult project, but it’s currently in third place since we are just at the seedling phase right now.

So walls, shelves, stands, and then I can get down to business on whatever hobby thing I want to do. Likely candidates are painting more of the Blood Ravens, painting up my Warcry squad, or doing some random fantasy guys for my future D&D campaign. But first, getting the to-do list finally cleared.

Almost finished…

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