Villains, Assemble!

So apparently I tapped into the Big Creative after writing yesterday’s blog post because later that even I jotted down about twenty or so supervillain names and roughed out their character concepts. There’s a few letters of the alphabet yet to cover, but it is an impressive start for me.

The characters seem to run the gamut of style and ethos, but tend towards the campy side of things. There’s some truly bad puns in there (such as the Cold War veteran minotaur named “Bull Chevik”). That doesn’t mean I couldn’t tweak them towards a more serious milieu; just look at how the Batman villains of the Adam West television series shifted to the grittier post-Miller era (a shift that was practically canonized in the mini-series The Three Jokers). A couple seem particularly set in the universe of The Ultimate Hero, but again that could be changed.

So it looks like this is going to launch in a couple of weeks. But first I need to go through and toss the ideas that seem just a little too boring and derivative (such as a magnetic-based villain called “Ferro”), make sure that I’m not succumbing to too many tropes, and of course pick a game system.

Finally, I have been wondering if, as a bit of extra credit and facilitated by getting a lot of the work done ahead of time, if I could actually illustrate a few of these guys rather than scour the internet for someone else’s art or just leaving it with text. We shall see….

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