More Death Fields Raumjager

What’s this? Painted miniatures?

I’ve gotten a bit out of this aspect of the hobby, but hoped to get it fired back up again. Why did things stall out? Because I started painting these other miniatures and I was really unhappy with how they were turning out, but I was also loathe to set them aside halfway painted to paint something else. I’ve been working hard on starting what I finish, and I wanted to hold to that, but I realized I had really just stalled out.

So I set the others aside and painted up four more Death Fields Raumjager by Wargames Atlantic. I did eight of these back in 2020 as part of Operation Last Train, and while these are painted using a different technique, the color scheme is similar enough to not stand out. These guys are painted almost entirely using contrast paints, which gives them a lot of intense shading. Looking at the photo, I realize that the base edges could use a second coat (the bases were not painted with contrast paint–just simple craft paint).

The nice thing about these guys is that they could be used a military or police or anything of a quasi-military nature, even a highly organized gang. I am still toying with the idea of a solo wargame with heavy RPG elements, so building up a “cast of characters” for the campaign is becoming a bit of a side project for me.

But also, four more towards the annual total of painted miniatures for the year, so that’s something!

As always, thanks for reading, and comments welcome!

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