The Nerf Gun Project

“So, you want the broken Nerf guns, not the ones that work?” asked my friend Freddie.

Freddie had been cleaning out a bunch of her kids’ old toys, which apparently included a dozen or so Nerf guns, half of which were no longer functional and all of which were being given away for free. With another acquaintance taking the working ones for her children, I gleefully claimed the others in the name of wargaming.

My plan? Render most, if not all of the guns down to their base parts, then reassemble for sci-fi vehicles and terrain. In particular, I’m looking to build something to represent Lane’s ship for my 5150: Hard Currency campaign. I’m not going to be a Puritan about how I can only use the parts; I’m willing to throw the odd bit of cardboard in there to cover holes, etc. But I’d like to see how few non-Nerf gun parts I can get away with. I’ll post WIP photos as I go along. Stay tuned!

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