A month of nothing

Okay, “nothing” is regards to “stuff I do in regards to my hobbies.” My last D&D session was on May 27th, in which the group finished up “The Citadel of Gallax,” which felt at the end like it was grinding a bit to me, but the players enjoyed it. But the next gaming session was cancelled because of a work-related conflict (actually a major event that consumed a great deal of my time). In the two weeks that followed that one I went on vacation to Savannah, Georgia where I and my family all promptly contracted COVID, which kicked in two days after we got back and will now cause me to cancel the next gaming session as well.

And between the uptick at work for the event, being out of state, and now feeling like hammered shit on toast, I’m not even getting much in the of “craft room” hobby stuff done either. Perhaps I can get some stuff done once I’m feeling better.

Having now missed two bi-weekly games, this means it is more like a six- or seven-week gap in the campaign, which is a long time. That always feels like a reset, perhaps literally, for a campaign. I’ll have to see how that goes.

In the meantime, Savannah is a delightfully creepy place, a little bit like New Orleans but more British than French. Here’s a photo I took while on a midnight walking tour of haunted places in the city.

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