Josh, zombie survivor

Ages ago I had another blog (several, actually) that was specifically dedicated to solo zombie wargaming using the All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out rules from Two Hour Wargames. The blog’s name was Hard Boiled Zombies and the campaign lasted for dozens of sessions, with major Stars and Grunts coming and going until finally the game sort of petered out (I was struggling with some things and a depressing apocalyptic game didn’t seem all that appealing).

Years past, and right before the pandemic I managed to score a massive haul from a local gamer who was moving and wanted to get rid of a bunch of Zombicide games. To give you an idea of the lot, here’s a pic.

So dozens, if not hundreds, of zombies and survivors. I have been making slow progress on the figures, as recounted in this blog, and Josh is the latest of the lot. He is from the Zombicide Ultimate Survivors set and apparently is inspired by Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad (another variant is in the Toxic City Mall set). He’s armed with two pistols and in the Zombicide rules has the “slippery” trait.

There is a new edition of All Things Zombie called End of Days which replaces Final Fade Out, bringing the rules into line with some of the later editions of other games and giving the player the chance to use battle boards instead of a gaming table. I picked up End of Days recently during a big sale day and thus have gotten back into painting up my zombie collection. Sometime soon I will write up what I think the differences are being Final Fade Out and End of Days but in the meantime if I were to stat out Josh I would call him a REP 3 Ganger with the Stealthy trait and two P-1 pistols. I’d consider REP 4 but the REP 3 represents his youthful status.

One other thing. When I enhanced the photo, it added a bunch of white spots on the paint job that are not there. Maybe reflected light? Who knows.

Anyways, we will see how this progresses, and another miniature on the books!

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