The Paladin

Oh, it is so, so frustrating when I spent hours painting a miniature for one of the player characters only to have that player duck out on the game that night at the last minute. Well, this is the paladin of the party, Shephard. He’s “Duke Gerard” from the Reaper Bones miniatures line, which I picked up in a Kickstarter ages ago.

With the other PC’s being a ranger, a blood hunter, a thief, a monk, and a sorcerer, Shephard does double duty as a frontline fighter and the healer of the group (there’s a lot of laying hands on himself). The player is my eldest daughter’s best friend that she’s known for years, an early non-family youth addition to the original gaming group.

At this point, I’ve only got one more player character miniature to paint up, at least for the active core the group. There’s about three or four players who rarely make it, so finishing their PC miniatures isn’t a priority. In the meantime, thanks for reading and comments always welcome.

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