Sci-fi spaceship battle board

Between some possible 5150: New Beginnings gaming coming up and a new solo wargame called Space Station Zero, I decided to quickly throw together an easy battle board to represent a spaceship deck that would then be modified easily by adding terrain bits.

Space Station Zero uses a 20″ by 30″ gaming table, which is becoming standard for a lot of GW skirmish games, and coincidentally the same size as a piece of foamcore from the local Dollar Tree. I covered the sheet with cardstock printouts from the Hellworks 3: Celestus Pravatus set from WorldWorks Games. The set features walls, roof, and floor tiles for a spacecraft that can either be printed out with the ship as normal or corrupted by aliens, magic, chaos, etc. Between the digital files that can be reused and the foamcore, the whole thing cost me about ten dollars.

Hopefully this will see some action soon!


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