Dollar store dice tray

A while back, I mentioned hitting off the local Dollar Tree looking for items to be converted into gaming or wargaming stuff. Here is the original haul.

The plan was to convert that hexagonal wooden tray into a dice tray using the “Handy Shammy” as the cloth liner at the bottom. How well did that work? Well….

The first thing I did was sand the whole tray with fine-grit sandpaper and then vacuum the sawdust away, leaving a smooth finish. Then I dug up some Minwax Polyshades that I had used ages ago as a quick-finish miniature stain (along the lines of the stuff the Army Painter sells) and applied that to the tray using foam brushes and a rag I had bought at the Dollar Tree as well. The wood soaked up the stain, and in hindsight I should have added a few more layers to bet a better coat. Next time…

Then, disaster. Basically I tried to use a t-square ruler to measure out the dimensions of the tray onto the microfiber towel, but when the time came to cut I accidentally cut along the wrong line, ruining the towel. As it turns out, I wasn’t terribly happy with the towel to begin with, because I couldn’t seem to flatten out the crease from the fold it had when I purchased it, and you can’t iron microfiber towels anyways.

So I improvised and found a scrap piece of green felt in the craft closet of odds and ends and this time was really smart and just traced the tray on the felt and then used a circular cutter to cut out the shape. Then I went a second time carefully trimming the felt hexagon to the size of the interior of the tray (it took a couple of test fits before it looks good).

When the felt was cut, I glued it to the tray with Mod Podge and it looked pretty good. Between the $3.00 wooden tray and the failed Handy Shammy, the rag, and foam brushes, the whole thing cost me around six dollars, including the scavenged bits from around the house.

The players in my gaming group thought it looked good, and talked about how expensive the professionally made dice trays are, so I’m pretty happy about it.

Comments welcome!

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