Rotmire Creed fighter

by Games Workshop

I do not often go into a Games Workshop store, but currently none of the other FLGSs are stocking the new Contrast Paints from GW, so I went there in search of some good light blues to use for jeans, etc. for my more modern miniatures.

Turns out, they give you a free miniature when you buy stuff, and in August that was a Rotmire Creed fighter from Warcry. I guess there’s a new Nurgle-themed warband for Warcry, and this little fellow is a part of it. And I got to tell you, it’s a perfect miniature for constrast paints, with lots of nice detail. It was a joy to paint, and came out looking good.

It’s also my fourth miniature for the month, so I’m covered through September. October is notoriously busy at work, so perhaps getting a little ahead of my painting goals wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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