Zombicide Survivors Ned, Phil, and Doug

So I decided to take a break from Xenos and try to complete a few Zombicide Survivors, in this case the “Ultimate” forms of Ned, Phil, and Doug. Ned is apparently inspired by author Alan Moore, Phil from Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, and Doug from Michael Douglas’ character from “Falling Down,” whose name was William Foster (I’ll admit I had to look that one up).

While I largely stuck to the Zombicide color schemes, I didn’t make Phil a brunette because I already have one Rick Grimes miniature, the one from The Walking Dead miniatures game. With his reddish-blond hair I think he looks a bit like Jake Busey.

Getting these guys painted up definitely got me Jonesing for All Things Zombie again. But also these three get me to 47 miniatures painted for the year–one away from my goal of four per month.

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