Xenos Driller Tanks

These are the last of the Zombicide Xenos Driller miniatures I have–two “tanks” which I assume represent some heavies in the game. Looking at the photo, the ink shade appears to have made them VERY glossy, so I may need to hit them with a matte spray varnish when the weather warms up.

I have not been a huge fan of the Xenos Driller lot, mostly because I do not like how the paint scheme ended up looking. For one thing, the spray primer, a simple rattle can from the hardware store, ended up having patches that more less matte than others, which makes a different when you are using contrast paints. This is because the paint just slides off slick primer finishes and creates white spots on the miniature. And since you really can’t go over contrast paint a second time, you can’t correct just the white patch. Next time I use contrast paints, I may spring for a better primer and wait for optimal weather to use it.

But the really big news is that these guys are miniatures number 48 and 49, meaning I have hit my goal of 48 miniatures for the year (and exceeded it), all with one month still to go. Granted that month is December and is shaping up to be crazy busy, but you never know. In any case, I am glad to work my way past the painting slump that I have been in the last few years. 2020 was the exception to this, mostly because I painted up a ton of identical miniatures in the form of wasteland crawlers and sci-fi troopers for Operation Last Train. But outside of that my painting had really dwindled.

For the remainder of the year I think I will focus on single “character” miniatures, either trying to finish up the zombie survivor or the sci-fi adventurer miniatures I have in the queue.

Comments always welcome, and thanks for being one of my readers.

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