Two Hour Wargames tokens

In most (if not all) Two Hour Wargames rulesets the status of player-controlled and game-controlled figures who are in ranged or melee combat are either normal, “Duck Back,” “Out of Fight,” or “Obviously Dead.” I have a certain fondness for this kind of breakdown because I have seen some research that shows that in real firearm combat, there’s little delineation than what is represented here.

In any case, the rules usually suggest things like placing miniatures on their back or front to represent certain statuses, but with tokens or certain miniatures that doesn’t seem practical. So I got the inspiration from some old D&D 4E tokens we used to use and made up tokens to represent Out of Fight (top), Obviously Dead (middle), and Duck Back (bottom). The tokens are made from printing up the images, cutting them with an one inch paper punch and then decoupaged them to some inexpensive wood discs.

Now I can identify who is still in the fight and who isn’t and didn’t spend much at all.

Comments welcome!

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