Friar Stone, human monk

I switched gears a bit and decided to try out my new set of Army Painter Speed Paints that I picked up on Amazon’s Cyber Monday. I must say that I liked the way that the paints handled, but I do understand the issues about reactivating the paints.

That having been said, I do really like the paint set and will definitely be adding them to my go-to paint rack. I also think I am going to transfer my GW contrast paints into dropper bottles.

It isn’t visible in the photo but he has a cask strapped to his back. It is a fun bit of character to this model, who could serve as a friendly NPC monk or druid. With that metal-tipped club he could also mean real business as an off-beat PC hero. He is “Friar Stone” from Reaper Miniatures Bones line.

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