Off Facebook (for the time being)

This weekend I was surprised to discover that somehow my Facebook password had been circumvented. This wasn’t the typical “cloning” of someone posing as me, but rather this person had managed to slip past Facebook’s two-factor authorization and then change the linked Instagram account to something that apparently violated Facebook’s community standards. As a result, I was banned.

Adding insult to injury, while if the issue was as simple as needing to change my password, that would be no problem, but being banned meant that I can not access the account and must now make appeals to get it fixed. Who knows how long that will take.

Obviously this is frustrating for me, because my Facebook account is used for work and personal use, including engaging with many different Facebook groups. It is also a common way for people to reach me if they do not have my phone number.

I’m considering, given all the information there is now about Facebook and their use (and misuse) of data, I’m wondering if I should not scale back my social media usage. I will continue here, though, so feel free to shoot me messages in the comments field.

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