Sir Conlan, human paladin

This is another Reaper Bones miniature, “Sir Conlan,” a human paladin (as evidenced by the religious details on his armor). The figure is used by one of my players as their fighter PC.

There is a lot I love about this paint job. Like the last two batches of zombies, I have started using the “slap chop” method of priming (aka the zenithal method) where you prime in a gradient of black to white before applying paint. In my case I’m not using black, but Army Painter brush-on primer, which is dark gray, but the effect is largely the same. The primer colors do emphasize the viscous nature of the contrast paints.

What I do not like is that I ended up having two areas where two colors did not contrast enough with each other. Specifically the brown glove and the gold handle of the sword, and the gray cloak and the silver breastplate and shoulder greaves. Usually I’m better about plotting out the color schemes to ensure I have light-to-dark contrasts built in, but that didn’t happen this time, probably because I was thinking more about the order of paints to apply to avoid reactivating the Army Painter Speed Paints.

I am thinking of trying to do more “character” miniatures, both for PC’s and NPC’s/monsters, rather than bulk units. It will slow numbers down, but I tend to find it more interesting, and useful for certain games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir, etc.

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