Henchman, monster, NPC

The first miniatures of the new year are done. They are all Reaper Bones, “Oswald the Overland,” “Mummy Warrior,” and “Troll Slayer Sophie.”

I had this idea of a game along the lines of “F*ck/Marry/Kill” called “Henchman, Monster, NPC” where I would post three painted miniatures and readers would have to pick which one would be a hireling of the PC group, which would be a monster the PC’s would fight, and which would be an NPC they would encounter. Bonus points for a brief background for each one.

For example Oswald could either be a porter for the party, a doppleganger who has stolen all the party’s loot, or the servant of a dragon who insists on carrying a portion of their horde wherever they go.

Troll Slayer Sophie could be a tiefling sorcerer working as a student of a high-level party member, a succubus or cambion, or, well, a troll slayer looking to hire the PC’s to assist with a hunt.

Have ideas of your own? Put them in the comments!

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