Mogg, bugbear cleric

Another fairly character-filled miniature from the Reaper Bones line. Like the previous, I ended up putting him on a 2″ base. I may want to consider investing in some 1.5″ bases in the future.

In gaming news, Wizards of the Coast released a response to the furor regarding the leaked OGL 1.1, saying they had the best, even ethical, of intentions and had no desire to have the new license impact all those third party hobbyists out there. Not getting into the lengthy comments about this that can be found, well, anywhere on the internet, the whole thing reminds me of those scenes from Family Matters where Erkel does something, destroys the entire set of the show, and then says, “Did I do that?”

So now the debate becomes whether or not all this ham-handed corporate malfeasance means I have to shelve all my 5E books and never use them again out of solidarity with all these other creators out there. Which seems a little weird given that I do not actually promote the game, create content, or whatever, just support the game vis a vis my own gaming table. I will be interested to see how this shakes out in the gaming universe.

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