Corvus Cabal cabalists

I’ve been sitting on these guys for literally years. They were bought pre-pandemic when my son was graduating college and I thought that WarCry might be a good way for us to continue to hang out. He had asked me to wait on putting them together until he can do them with me but ended up never following through. So after a long spell of doing lots of one-off fantasy miniatures and wanting to get some of the lead/plastic pile down, I cracked open the box set and started to work.

While these guys were super fiddly to assemble, even with instructions, the detail was very well done–not too shallow like the Zombicide stuff can be some times, meaning that they took speed paints gloriously. And given their matching palate of colors (feathers, bone, cloth, metal, etc.) it was easy to paint up all of them at the same time.

I still have the main characters of the warband to paint up, but in the meantime five new miniatures means I have hit my painting goal of 48 for the year (four miniatures per month) six-and-a-half months early. I was asked my, given that I had managed 70 last year, that I had set the goal at a lower number and partially that was because I was thinking about doing more adventure design or terrain in my hobby time, but at the moment the painting thing seems to be really working, so I am going to raise my annual goal to 96, double my original goal and more than I have painted since the early 2010’s, which admittedly benefited from my weighted point methodology where I counted larger miniatures and vehicles as more points. I should go back and take a look at see what the real number was.

Thanks for reading, and comments welcome!

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