Odds and Ends [Descent Dungeon]


I haven’t posted anything in a while, mostly because of a few non-hobby related tasks began to take the bulk of my attention and free time (like a birthday party). But now that the (pink) dust has settled, I’m wrapping up the building phase of the Descent Dungeon. At this point, I still have one X-section, five 2″ by 1″ sections, and of course the doors to do. I’m at a certain crummy point that always seems to come up when doing one of these projects–that point where you need just a couple of bricks in one mold (or worse, two molds) and you need a lot of them. Basically, I need to cast one or two bricks from the two cavern molds a handful of times to get everything I need without lots of leftovers I don’t. I’d really like to avoid a lot of “leftovers” on this project, because I don’t see myself doing any more cavern pieces for a while after this one.

In fact, I’ve actually been putting my mind onto the next task, a common tendency when I run out of steam on a lengthy project like this one. I’ve half a mind to break out some of my “bottom rung” molds and do something interesting with them. For those who are interested, my least-often-used molds are such lovelies as the skematic pyramid and the 3″ turret mold. If I really wanted to get into a mold rarely ever used, I’d also be thinking about the Egyptian tower mold too.

Well, I’ll have to see. The next post for the Descent Dungeon will probably be a finalized pic (building-wise, at least–it’ll still need to be painted).

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