A Continuing Problem with one Color

Yesterday, I got the idea of busting out all my early Space Marines, many of whom are either badly painted or just airbrushed colors like yellow or red, and repainting them into one single, cohesive army. Since I’ve painted so many miniatures in either red or yellow (for reasons I haven’ t yet fathomed) I thought I’d go with something totally the opposite: green.

There’s just one problem–I’ve yet to find a green craft paint that is worth a damn. They tend to be really transparent and streaky, and when I need the colors to be pretty opaque (to cover a lot of ancient painting sins) my attempts today to do a “color test” miniature was an unmitigated disaster.

So now I’m on the horns of a dilemma: keep trying to paint these mooks green, get another paint, or just abandon the whole darn plan and do something different. Oh well, I’ve got about a two week stretch of pretty intensive work ahead of my professionally, so I’ve got time to think.

One comment

  1. Sometimes the best solution for a crummy acrylic paint, is just to change the paint plan to accomodate the weak pigment coverage. If the green can’t cover, then pick a color that can.

    For example: GW’s Dark Angels green is famous for streakes.

    Prime Black
    Dry brush light grey
    Paint Dark Angels Green.

    The black will be the shade, the grey will be the highlight & the green will be the color you want. If it’s still a too streaky at this point – give the model a coat of green ink to help blend the layers together.

    PS – do you have a purple that covers well? Use that as the shade & build the green on top of that color. It sounds a bit odd, but but people who understand the color wheel tell me it makes sence, and I’ve tried shading green with puple a few times with sucess.

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