Time to revisit one of my most popular posts

Well, according to some news articles Games Workshop will be raising the prices of F and G rated miniatures by about 20%. As you might expect, there’s been the typical hue and cry regarding this price adjustment. And like many people, I suspect that we’ll see a corresponding increase in the US, lest GW overvalue the dollar. Others have speculated that this is just a poor April Fool’s Joke on Games Workshop’s part (that seems doubtful now).

I’m not going to add more to the outrage about this price increase, but I will say that GW just raised prices around Christmas time. But it does really put me off my cheese and crackers, especially because I was finally considering revoking my ban on purchasing GW products that I implemented at the beginning of 2006 (and maintained, with the exception of buying the Skull Pass box set). A friend approached me about playing some 40K, so I began dusting off some old minis (see my entry below for the initial results). I can play a pretty good sized game with what I have (especially if I field my Word Bearers). But I won’t be expanding the army any time soon.

But what I’d really love to do is get my friends into another sci-fi game. I’ve heard good things about Infinity, and right now Urban War is on sale like it is going out of style. I’ve got a little mad money in a my pocket, and I might be shopping around for something new.  As I mentioned in the title, I might need to review my games for under $40 post to see what might be there.

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