The Orc Druid

Orc Druid

The Orc Druid, which will be standing in for a GW Orc Shaman. Ironically enough, he’s armed exactly like the old Orc Shaman: with a large femur. The Druid also has a bizarre javelin on his back that is sculpted to look like a drill bit and, according to his stat card, is poisonous. Odd.

It’s a great piece for detail, but posed some real challenges when it came to issues of color contrast. I had already committed to orcs being blue-grey. On his chest though, you have chainmail (which blends with the skin), as well as braids, straps, wolfhide, and bone which ended up being brown, brown, brown, and tan. Or rather terracotta, velvet brown, golden brown, and ivory. I considered light gray for his hair, but it blended too much with the bone and highlights. It still all kind of blends together as it is, and is more distinct in reality, although not by much. I just didn’t want to go with orange-red as WotC did, because with his Don King afro, he’d look a lot like a trollslayer.

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