3000 pt. check-in

I’m about halfway through my Drazen’s Horde.  Basically, I’m down to three ogres, one goblin, a hobgoblin, a bugbear, and a owlbear.  My painting rush has been blunted a bit this weekend because I’ve got family visiting.

There have been a couple of things cycling through the “24-hour delay.”  I saw the great MesoAmerican layout from Salute and starting thinking once more about historical wargaming.  My only problem is that I find the era kind of troubling.  That’s odd, because other ranges, even colonial ones, don’t.  Sometimes I wonder if ranges like the Seven Years War are so popular because the countries involved (Austria, Prussia, etc.) have either transformed into other nation states or have fared well.  The brutal near-extermination of MesoAmerican culture and people is just little touchy.

I’ve also been checking out some other games, including Gloire from Rattrap Productions.  Gloire is a cinematic small army skirmish system set in pseudo-Musketeer era France.  There’s also a pirate supplement.  Each side only gets about 2-7 minis, ranging from major characters to goons,.  Players are encouraged to set up scenarios, rather than just slugging it out.

I’ve added a “24-hour Delay” section to the “On the Workbench” page so that you can see what finally makes the leap to real project, and what languishes in the land of unrealized dreams.  In June, I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands as work slows down, so hopefully I’ll be getting some big things (like the dwarf army) done.

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