The Dwarf Fighter

Violet, the dwarf fighter

This miniature started badly, but got a lot better.  My big mistake was in the priming.  I grabbed a can of white spray paint from the garage, but didn’t check to see if it was matte and hit it with a gloss coat instead.  At this point, I had two options: strip it or just know that it’ll take several coats before the paint takes.  I went with the latter.

To make matters worse, the player whose PC this represents wanted a green dress–green, my cursed nemesis….

But honestly, at the end the miniature turned out great, and the face might be one of the best I’ve done in a while (the joys of painting over white, rather than black).

FYI, the miniature is “Magda Mintsilver” from Reaper.  She’s “Violet,” a dwarf fighter who has recently joined the Strange Vistas crew.

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