The Hobgoblin and the War Ape

Hobgoblin FighterWar Ape

It has been a bit of lag in painting these guy for several reasons (including getting back into finishing another Skematic piece), but I’m glad to get these two done.

The Hobgoblin Fighter was done in ruddy red, for reasons mentioned in another post on this blog. It also matches the frequent color of clothing on the other members of the warband. This miniature has a shield, but I’m leaving it off right now so that its weaponry/armor option matches the other orc warriors and can fit into the same group. I’d probably use him as the upgraded hero, should in happen, and then add the shield.

The War Ape is sort of weird. The idea is that Drazen’s Horde captures apes, torments them into a frenzy, and then shackles barbed cuffs onto their arms. The Chainmail version of the paintjob has then painted like a baboon or mandrill, but I went with a gorilla option (amongst other things, I didn’t want to paint a bright red backside on this miniature). For Mordheim, I’m using the beastial miniature as a Cave Squig.

Next up, ogres.


  1. I’m not that happy with how the War Ape turned out. Initially, I wanted to go with an “authentic” gorilla look, rather than the baboon/mandrill look that WotC gave theirs. In hindsight, the added color would probably do a lot for the mini, and as my son reminded me, baboons are apes.

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