The Roanoke Station Campaign

Sometimes I jot things down under the heading “Premise Beach” (from the Kids in the Hall sketch of the same name). These are just notions, beginnings of ideas really, that I want to exorcise from my creative skull. Sometimes I just enjoy chewing on the idea, working the angles, that sort of thing. On rare occasions they make their way into reality (much like the “24 Hour” section for gaming projects).

I’ve added a new widget to the blog, a filesharing device in which I’ve put the “Premise Beach” for a sci-fi campaign I’m calling Roanoke Station. It’s a somewhat gloomy, low-tech campaign where the PC’s are crew members of a doomed colony on a distant planet. One thing that I don’t specify on the file (which is a .pdf) is the system I would use. There’s a plethora of sci-fi RPG’s out there, but I’m leaning towards d20 Future because of my player’s familiarity with the d20/OGL family.

Anyways, go the sidebar and check it out, and tell me what you think. Comments are welcome.

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