“The Nail” gets hammered in

For the past eight months, I’ve been running a “Expansion Campaign” for Warhammer Fantasy Battles called The Nail.  You can find details about it over at the Strange Vistas Pbwiki

The Nail was a great system, with the players fighting small battles to gain points to battle in large ones.  Win five large ones, and you win the campaign.  Or rather Vince the Chaos player wins the campaign.  Vince dominated the whole thing, in no small part to battling more battles than anyone else.  Congrats to Vince, and we’ll be all gunning for him in the next campaign.

Speaking of the next campaign, it is called “The Reaver Princes.”  Unlike the Nail, which was mostly small battles, the Reaver Princes is nothing but big ones: 3000+ pts.  You can also only play one “keepsies” game per month, so there is not really an advantage to playing more games than anyone else.

In the Nail, I got my small dwarf army fully painted.  Now I’m shooting for 3000 points by the end of the Reaver Princes (ten months).   Obviously, I’ll keep you all up on my progress.

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