An Unusual Dilemma

My local gaming store is running a huge sale on the Starship Troopers Miniatures Game, to the tune of 50% off.  Their reason is simple: Mongoose Publishing has all but said that they are going to switch the line to pre-painted miniatures, like they have with Battlefield Evolution.  That means that there will probably not be releasing new unpainted miniatures for the game.

I’m considering picking up the basic box set, if they still have it in stock.  That’d be $28.  It’s tempting, because I like the idea of getting a whole game (rulebook and two intro armies) on the cheap.  But there’s some arguments against it, too.  For one, I don’t actually get a lot of gaming done: I play Warhammer about once a month, usually against the same guy.  I get a game of C&C in a couple of times a month if I’m lucky.  So when, pray tell, am I supposed to actually play this new game.  Second, there’s the money, which isn’t really a huge issue, but it is buying yet even more unpainted miniatures.

Finally, there’s the whole point about getting into a game that doesn’t have much of a future.  Starship Troopers has basically run its course, with Mongoose introducing three armies, and soon a fourth that is pretty far off-canon.  Of course, for someone who hasn’t invested anything in the game, that’s not really a big problem.  But finding a game out there in the wide world becomes a bit more a challenge.  That presumes, of course, I can find time to play…


  1. One other problem with SST is that after you assemble the bugs, they are so big and require plenty of space to store them. It’s either that or just drop them all in one box and accept some damage to legs etc.

    You could use most of the non-bug minis for games like 5150 or as units in a WH40K army if you opponent is happy.

    Richard (who is in the position of having lots of SST minis but not yet finishing any of them)

  2. I think all gamers get confronted by that challenge:

    “Oooh, OOP VOR Growlers for 65% off! Sweet!”
    “Dude, you don’t even play VOR.”
    “But, but, I could use them as, as…something. 65% off!”

    I just faced this Friday as I was perusing a bunch of discounted WHFB stuff, and the idea of a goblin wolf rider mongol horde stormed through the Urals of my brain again. I backed out slowly, realizing that I didn’t want to start a new army with a kid on the way and I didn’t have anyone to play fantasy with right now anyway.

    I’d check in with your group and find out if any of them have the slightest interest in playing hot bug-on-sci-fi trooper action. Ever. Then think about whether you can use the figs in some other capacity, and whether you really want to paint ’em up. If the answer to those questions are ‘yes’, knock yourself out, Mr. Rico. Otherwise, leave ’em alone.

  3. It turns out to be kind of moot. I swung by the gaming store after church and the SST minis were totally picked over. Although it is funny that you mention VOR–I’ve got the boxed set and several copies of the rulebook somewhere. I then talked myself out of picking up either Wargods of Aegyptus or Hundred Kingdom minis, which were also on sale. And let me tell you, the Wargods was an easy sell, because you can use the units with any of the army generals, so a single group can swap out units amongst themselves.

    Congrats on the impending family expansion Syr, by the way.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I picked up a bunch of WoA stuff at one point of weakness (it was when a buddy was starting a comic shop and I wanted to throw some business his way) and sold off most of it. Thankfully I haven’t delved into Hundred Kingdoms, but it’s so easy to just dive into games because of the cool factor, only later realizing that your gaming group is really only interested in 40k and Warmachine…

  5. I’ve been thinking strongly about following your advice and just seeing if anyone wants to play something different. Sadly, one of my more ambitious wargaming friends moved away recently. I’m sitting on three different WarMachine starter sets, a pile of Chainmail minis, a Delaque box set, and a slew of Mordheim figures. You’d think someone might be interested.

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