The (late) February Update

What I’ve been roleplaying

Not much, truth be told. While it is still basketball season at the YMCA, my usual gaming night is taken. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

What I’ve been painting

I finished the sergeant and the special weapons trooper of the Vor Union unit, plus a couple of additional troopers as well. I did them thinking I’d use them for The Morrow Project, but if I can get the Growlers done perhaps I could get a pick-up game of VOR going too.

Union Sergeant and Specialists

What I’ve been playing

I introduced a friend to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I sort of kicked myself for not doing WarMachine or a host of other games for which I’d like to find an opponent, but gaming is always more fun in a large group, and the large group plays WFB.

We played two battles, one at 500 and one at 1000 point, each Empire (him) vs. Orcs (me). I got clobbered both times, confirming my suspicions that O&G is still a touch army with which to win, especially when you’re facing two cannons and a hellblaster, and you’re only fielding orcs. To be fair, I only played with minis I own, which severely hampered my army selection. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

I still think that playing and having fun is the best incentive to get me painting and past all the GW-hating that is out there that occasionally takes me over as well (I’m still not happy about yet another new edition of 40K in the works).

What I’ve been building

I’ve had a hankering for science-fiction. I don’t know what game I’d play, but I thought I’d bang out a quick high-tech catwalk that could be used to bridge both of my older sci-fi buildings together. I think it turned out well, enough so that I may try to do a whole set of cat-walks for a Necromunda-style table.

CatwalkSci-fi buildings

Well, that’s about it for now, but I’ll keep the site updated as soon as more stuff comes off the worktable!


  1. Morrow Project? Did you say Morrow Project?

    Man, I feel like a pilgrim in an unholy land who meets a fellow believer. I used to love that game. I keep trying to get my friends interested in playing it, using either GURPS or d20 Modern or Twilight 2000 rules, but no luck yet.

    Sheesh, The Morrow Project. Recon is the best. MARS is for gunbunnies with no wits. Science teams – what a bunch of geeks. They probably spend all their downtime playing D&D or something…

  2. The group that I recently joined that plays Morrow Project uses a system they have developed over the past ten years. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the rules are incredibly lethal, using FBI gun violence statistics to determine how injured you are when you are shot.

    We were actually playing a science/recon team dedicated to finding and disarming nuclear devices. Unfortunately, the only one we’ve found so far was in the hands of a Krell agent…

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