The (mid) March Update

It’s not a big update, but it has lots of pretty pictures of terrain. Click here for a look!

What I (haven’t) been playing, gaming, or painting lately

I haven’t been playing or gaming much; March tends to be busy with the build-up towards Easter and a (welcome) visit from a friend. I may be going out Easter Sunday afternoon to either get a game of Castles & Crusades or Warhammer. If I do, I’ll try to get a report here.

What I’ve been building

Now onto the good stuff. I have been getting a lot of terrain finished. First, I painted both of the 6″ by 6″ ruins (made using the Ruined Tower mold by Hirst Arts).


I also completed a second sci-fi catwalk as well.


2nd catwalk set

I’d like to do some corner/stair connector pieces for the catwalk, and perhaps some additional bits as well. Of course, I’m still not sure what I’m building these for, but that’s another matter entirely.

What I’ve been thinking about

Lots, as usual. I’ve been thinking about the ’08-09 WHFB campaign that I’m supposed to administrate. I’ve been thinking about what army I’d use to do it, and if I could afford a new one or just stick with one I’ve got.

I’ve also got on the back burner a huge C&C adventure planned for the group. I’ll post details about that as they unfold (and players won’t get the story ruined by knowing in advance). With 4th Ed. D&D coming up in June, I may need to start thinking about a possible ruleset change as well.

Until then, Happy Easter and thanks for visiting!

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