The last of the PC minis

I’ve finally been getting back into the mini-painting mode, and finished the last of the miniatures for my Castles & Crusades campaign. This Xane, a gnome thief. I don’t remember the miniature’s manufacturer, but you could probably find it without too much trouble. It was listed as a “gnome assassin.”


As you might be able to tell, the flimsy little dagger broke off, and I had to replace it with a needle I wired into his knife handle.

The other miniature isn’t for a PC, but is just an old one I had lying around that I thought I’d finish off. He’s “Eldarion” from Reaper Miniatures. The cape is, well, really blue, probably too bright, but I was trying out a new paint.


Haven’t yet got around to putting the finishing touches onto my big surprise, but hopefully it will be soon. Until then, I’m casting a bazillion bricks so a friend’s daughter can build a model of the pyramids. Another generation of terrain builders at work?

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